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Register for a fully featured Literatu account, free for 7 days. Unlimited classes, students and activities per teacher

Extensive activity automation
including multi-media support, 9 answer types, choice of automatic, manual or no grading for student answers

Full BYOD support
Student & teacher access on web, iPad and Android tablet

‘My Classes’ at-a-glance reporting
Easy ‘traffic light’ progress reporting at student, activity, or question level. Understand at a glance where support or re-teaching needs to happen.

Curriculum support
Map each activity to a standard curriculum framework. Report on student progress by curriculum element.

Share and find resources in your community via curriculum

Full GradeBook reporting

Live activity monitoring
Watch results in real time, as students complete each question. 

Fast Marking
See how all students answered a selected question & mark with 1 click. 

Student view
Show your class how everyone answered a particular question (names/grades not shown) 
Perfect for the electronic whiteboard & class discussion!

Plagiarism check
1 click reveals the top 10 sites containing the student answer text

Manual marking assistant
Suggested grades for manual marking, using keywords you have defined
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